Join Sign Salad’s Emily and Isobel as they get beneath the surface of cultural phenomena, trends and brands. Covering a new topic in each episode, we’ll be revealing meanings and connections hidden in plain sight. 

Eating caviar with your Pringles? Spooning Ottolenghi x Waitrose Miso Pesto onto your midweek pasta, or TikTok streaming your limited-edition Heinz x Absolut Vodka pasta sauce? Dressing your Minecraft buddy in the latest Burberry, or your Fortnite avatar in Balenciaga?

If you’ve ever spent money on a much-hyped brand collaboration – or can’t understand why anyone ever would – then join Emily, Isobel, and Freya this week as they make sense of the logic between some of the more weird and wonderful brand collaborations out there.

We’ll discuss what makes for potentially impactful collaborations, how they work, and why they continue to be so popular across categories.

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Well Examined World: Brand Collaborations: A Sign Salad Podcast