Isobel Grad
Project Director

As a native Seattlite who has lived in Pennsylvania, rural Iceland, and now London, Isobel is constantly looking for the subtle ways we express and find social and cultural belonging. She found her passion for uncovering the meaning in the everyday through a love of fashion and of food culture, which carried into her MA in Visual and Material Culture at UCL, and a thesis focused on specialty coffee.

Isobel came to Sign Salad after experience in qual and quant consumer research, a stint writing a cookbook, and time working in retail and experience design strategy. As a semiotician she is interested in how design (whether it be a wine bottle, a retail store interior, or the navigation of a website) can communicate meaning and help us find our place in the world, and how brands play a role in this on a daily basis.

Outside of work Isobel can still be found investigating the latest trends in coffee roasting as much as possible. But you can also find her alternately sewing, getting out into nature, or hunting down the perfect bottle of natural wine for her next supper club.

Isobel Grad: