Case Study: Silver Spoon

How do you rejuvenate
an iconic sugar brand
in a future-facing way?

Sugar Bowl

The challenge

In the UK, sugar was being increasingly demonised – consumers feared sweetness would interfere with their wellness goals. Already an iconic brand in the UK, Silver Spoon were looking to relaunch its visual identity and pack design in a contemporary way. They knew that they had to make their proposition of ‘sweetness’ resonate for contemporary consumers.

What did we do?

We started by gathering cultural data: in-field detective work took us to sweet shops, food halls, supermarkets, and chocolate boutiques. By analysing this data, we found that whilst traditional sweetness was about transgression and ‘letting go’, innovative brands were coding sugar as the active pursuit of virtuous moderation.

We identified these as key territories for Silver Spoon to signal sweetness in future-facing ways – and as a way to resolve the brand’s existing tensions between communicating class conflicts, serious Britishness and unbridled childishness.

By defining these territories and their visual we advised Silver Spoon toward optimally meaningful creative routes, enabling the brand to tell a new cultural story that was relevant in a world turning away from sugar.

Where did it lead?

The final designs sparked a big shift in how the brand was perceived, taking Silver Spoon from familiar and undifferentiated within its category to a preferred brand that made consumers feel good about sweetness.

Silver Spoon