Shze Hui Tjoa                    Senior Semiotician

A Singaporean abroad, Shze Hui has always been curious about how codes of meaning fluctuate across cultural borders. With Sign Salad, she has conducted semiotic investigations into a diverse range of topics – from analysing contemporary coffee culture in Germany, to examining attitudes towards luxury in several East Asian countries. 

She spent time in Jerusalem, Beijing, and Oxford, before doing a Masters in Criticism and Culture at Cambridge. There, she wrote her dissertation on how standards of literary value and beauty differ across peripheral parts of the Anglophone world.

She has spent time working in journalism, and as a non-fiction writer for the National Arts Council of Singapore. In her spare time, she runs a Singapore-based, pastel-coloured zine about the latest and weirdest in East Asian pop culture. 

Shze Hui Tjoa: