Maria Victoria O’Hana         
Project Director

A London-born Cuban/American with close ties to West Cork, Maria Victoria has always been fascinated by culture and the ways in which it evolves across transnational and diasporic communities. Her passion for culture – particularly in its visual manifestations – led her to study Art History before embarking on an MA in Caribbean and Latin American Studies.

Before coming to Sign Salad, Maria Victoria worked in PR at a Latin American agency, and as a Content Marketer in the travel sector. Since joining Sign Salad, she has worked on projects ranging from the semiotics of yoghurt in Mexico to the meaning of wellness in the cannabis industry.

In her spare time, Maria Victoria tends to the biddings and desires of her German Shepherd rescue dog, Tony. When she’s not at Tony’s command, she enjoys boxing, going out salsa dancing, and listening to reggaetón.

Maria Victoria O’Hana: