Hunadda Sabbagh Semiotician

When Hunadda migrated down from the North to escape the biting winters, she found a warm place to settle in the Sign Salad offices. Mancunian of Syrian origin (third or fourth generation, depending on how you’re counting) and a Cambridge Modern Languages graduate, she’s fascinated by cross-cultural communication.  Whether in literature and film or everyday language and gestures, she loves to decode how signs travel across and through cultures, and are variously interpreted.

She speaks French, Spanish, Arabic and some Italian. Inspired by a recent baklava-fuelled trip to Bosnia, the Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian [delete as appropriate] is coming along nicely too. Other skills include innovative packing of cabin bags – honed during a year studying and working ‘on the continent’ (specifically Lyon, Paris and Seville).

And with her love of (good) football and all things Italian, alongside a lifelong addiction to Nutella, her support of Juventus is only really logical.

Hunadda Sabbagh