Freya Ward-Lowery                Senior Semiotician

Freya grew up in the void of rural space between Sheffield, Lincoln and Scunthorpe. In the void, they became addicted to the internet as a way of connecting with culture and people. This eventually led to leaving for a BA in Social Anthropology at SOAS, then an MSc in Digital Anthropology at UCL where they were included on the Dean’s List in 2021. When not browsing memes, TikTok and Reddit for purely academic purposes, Freya runs a queer literary magazine and plays the drums. They still say words like ‘bath’ with a short vowel, and when they find themselves missing home it’s only a short train journey to the best place on earth: Grimsby’s Fishing Heritage Museum.  

At Sign Salad, Freya loves investigating cultural meanings, and has worked on projects ranging from studying understandings of coffee across eleven different global markets to decoding what it means to be Finnish. 

Freya Ward-Lowery: