Foivos Dousos Semiotician

Foivos left the warmer climes of Greece in 2012, to chase his dreams in London. As he was always full of curiosity about people and their interaction with the world of meaning, he studied psychology, before embarking on a PhD in consumer studies, focusing on narcissism and its relation to social media.

In his dissertation he didn’t answer whether selfies and dating apps turn us into selfish monsters (hint: they don’t), but he did draw some interesting conclusions on the new ways people construct identities and narratives around themselves.

After finishing his studies, semiotics seemed like a natural next step: a field where he could combine his expertise in analysis of meaning-making, culture and technology.

In his spare time, he is a founding member of the mysterious Ministry of Post-Truth, enjoys writing silly poems and hosts a bi-weekly podcast on art and politics.

Foivos Dousos: