Bridget Dalton                              Senior Semiotician

Bridget’s teenage obsession with Bob Dylan, Elia Kazan and Tennessee Williams sparked her academic career and an interdisciplinary practice that lead to semiotics via a PhD about finding instances of kindness in modernist verse. She’s instinctively curious about the meaning contained in objects, whether they’re poems, handbags or crisp packets.

A firm believer in the power of creative, collaborative thinking and lively discussion, she’s been overheard passionately pontificating on the cultural meaning of eyebrows from Frida Kahlo’s to Kim Kardashian’s – and much more beside.

A native Londoner, she has made it her business to immerse herself in other cultures by living in China, San Francisco … and Norwich. In her spare time she plays the cello, and enjoys contemporary female rap music – as well as putting on queer dance parties, and getting her feminist head down in cultural theory and classical art.

Bridget Dalton: