Aaron Chan                 
Senior Semiotician

Having lived in Singapore, Edinburgh, and now London, Aaron is a self-confessed ‘city boy’ with a penchant for all things urban – from brutalist architecture and transit maps to non-standard sociolects and normcore streetwear – eager to connect the dots between people and place. 

Following a stint in the military, Aaron exchanged humid, tropical jungles for Scotland’s dreich weather to pursue an MA in Linguistics and Social Anthropology, exploring the cultural intersections between language and society. Since joining Sign Salad, he has worked on projects ranging from unpicking the language of German healthcare practitioners to uncovering the semiotics of bottled water in Mexico. 

Outside the office, Aaron may be spotted loitering by the chilled drinks aisle at his local deli, peeking into mid-century homes about town, or (respectfully) nodding gently at the jazz club.

Aaron Chan: