Sign Salad has teamed up with the UK’s largest independent media agency, the7Stars, and groundbreaking neuromarketing agency, Neuro Insight UK, to put together a whitepaper which explores how brands can represent gender in a culturally relevant way.

We identified three themes for brands to consider in the current evolution of gender:

  1. Gender is a story

Pre-existing conditioning is real; our minds are shaped by narratives of gender across the decades. How are these perceptions shifting and what is the role for brands in this evolving story?

  2. Cultural Context Matters

How can brands respond to shifts in the cultural meaning of gender, and communicate gender in an inclusive and relevant way going forward?

  3. She/He/They/Ze

We’re seeing a move from gender as a binary between ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’, to gender as a flexible construct and series of choices. Why is that shift happening now, and how can brands respond to these new codes of gender fluidity? What does that mean for the future of demographic targeting?

Read the whitepaper here: Beyond Binary

Beyond Binary: How brands can navigate gender representation